What is anime?

Anime is recognized for its variety of genres, unique artistic style, and deep and emotional stories. This is divided into genres: adventure, science fiction, children’s stories, romance, medieval fantasy, erotic (hentai) and several others. The anime is a form of commercial art specifically, and most anime is produced for very specific audiences with well-defined categories for gender shonen (boys) and shojo (girls) and for adolescents and adults.

Outside of Japan most of anime audience is traditionally formed by young people, so no wonder that most anime that become popular result to be shonen genre, including titles like Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi Muyo and Gundam Wing . However shoujo anime genre has had recent success in the west in the form of Sailor Moon, Sakura Card Captors, and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Also there are several series that are most successful outside Japan than in the same country, as is the case of “Saint Seiya” better known as “Knights of the Zodiac”, one of the most successful cartoons of the story (perhaps the higher after Dragon Ball Z, of course); which had a tremendous impact and is counted as the series that opened worldwide acceptance of anime in more than one country.

Like movies, animated series may lead to a massive following, especially if they are made specifically to children or young population. In that case, it may happen that a variety of items of merchandise to further promote product is generated. The fame of a series may be confined in a relatively small area or, by contrast, it extends through the world it will all depend on how the message reaches the viewers.

Almost all Japanese animated series go unnoticed by the general public. However, they can offer stories, characters, scenes, mythical phrases, winks to other series, or other features that will become part of otaku culture. If you like anime I will highly recommend happy wheels game

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