Are you a video blogger? Here is all the info you need to know about live videos so that you can become trendy

Blogging is a great way to express yourself in many different ways and connect with your audience and as it is well known, social media is a big must whenever you want your audience to know you and grow. But if you want to get your blog known, not only do you need to blog about interesting subjects in the field you want to venture in but also, you must blog smartly and one way to do so is by live streaming.

Remember the importance of live streaming


I can assure you that if you are aware of how important this is, then you will take the necessary step to include this activity in your blogging events. Platforms like Facebook live implemented live streaming since 2015 and it has become very popular very fast and the reason is that it is easy to do, they can be viewed in any type of smartphone and it is not limited to a computer or laptop. Honestly, this became a great way to interact with your audience and this is always well appreciated by your audience members.

Let’s talk a little more about Facebook live

You need to remember this, Facebook has almost 2 billion users which means if you livestream on this social media platform, you will definitely get lots of views. Also, more than half of those 2 billion users own smartphones and these videos can be viewed on that type of technology which is always a plus and also, most Facebook users are really active so make sure you are also active on this social media platform through live feeds.


You can use other social media platforms, but I guarantee, Facebook live will get you the most views

There are many social media platforms to use like Snapchat, Periscope, Linkedin video, etc. And I completely recommend you use to also to get yourself a lot more out there but ultimately, focus on Facebook because there is where you will get the most views. For example, Periscope is also great for interacting with your audience but it only has 10 million users to view your videos so that means not even a quarter of your potential audience in Facebook is viewing your videos in Periscope.

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