How To Travel Australia on a Budget

Travelling to Australia doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on your trip. Despite the high cost of living, (Australia scores no. 6 of the most expensive countries in the world) there are many ways to reduce costs and travel on a budget.

If you make an accurate travel planning, choose cost-effective ways of getting around Australia and stay in cheap accommodation, you can travel Australia for less than 80 dollars a day!


Travel distances are an issue in Australia

It’s difficult to understand how much time it takes to get from A to B and how expensive it is. Plan short road trips and consider flying for distances over 1000 km. Hire a car and travel in loops back to your starting point, this way you will not pay the 300 AUD fee for different drop-off location. Book your car rentals online and use a comparison car rental websites that require no upfront payments.


Domestic Flights in Australia are cheap if booked early

If you miss out on the flight deals and wait till the last-minute you may end up paying 3-4 times the normal price. Jetstar is one of the best Australian airlines that offers good value discounted flights every week. Flight deals are released 3-4 months ahead, so plan your online search accordingly.

Save on accommodation by staying in hostels

The YHA hostels are really goo value with great facilities, offering double rooms for less than 100 AUD/night.


Camping in Australia

It may be not your thing, however being Australia a great destination for camping, you could try it out. For short road trips you are better off with hiring a car and staying in cabins, or built-in tents. I would recommend hiring a camper van on long-term travel only and make use of wikicamps app to locate the best suited campsites. There are many basic campsites for a small fee and some are free. A great chain for camping lovers are the BIG 4 campsites.

Eating out in Australia doesn’t have to be expensive if you know where to dine out

In cities like Melbourne and Sydney there are food halls and street markets where you can eat for 10-15 Dollars. In rural areas I would recommend the RSL clubs or Bowling Clubs, they have good meals for reasonable prices.

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