Top Worse Things To Avoid In College

Spending all of your money

Download an app to help you keep track or use a piece of paper and a pen. Seriously, when you see how you spend your money and how often you spend it, it’s an eye-opener. I also feel like I’m being judged by my app whenever I log a purchase, so there’s that. Like, I didn’t realize I spent $55 on makeup one month until I got that app and since then I’ve been much better about my spending habits.


Studying with friends

Studying with friends can often lead to no studying at all. While studying with friends is much more fun, if you’re the type of person who genuinely won’t get any work done while socializing, avoid this trap! Personally, if I’m with friends I’ll keep talking and socializing instead of paying attention to my work. If you’re someone who knows they won’t actually study, study alone and then study with friends if you want to be in on the social time and still do well.


Plagiarizing/copying work

It’s not worth it. It’s really not worth it, the punishment is much worse than the potential gain. Do your assignments and if you feel like you can’t complete them or do them well, approach your professor during office hours and ask for some advice or an extension.


Taking classes because they’re an “easy A”

Take classes that interest you or will help you learn things you might need for your future career. Don’t choose classes solely on how easy you think they’re going to be because you’re spending money to learn something. Plus, getting straight A’s in college can be done without taking ridiculously easy courses for the whole semester.


Really early classes if you know you’re not a morning person

Going to college won’t automatically make you full of sunshine in the morning if you’re not a morning person at all. Sure, you can “become a morning person” according to tons of Pinterest tutorials but you could also fall on the other end of the spectrum and end up skipping class and sleeping through your alarm every day.


Burning food

Your dorm/house will smell disgusting, the alarms will go off, everyone in your building will be really angry and the fire department will probably show up. If you’re cooking something, especially popcorn, don’t leave the room and if you must, have someone else keep an eye on it. Nothing is more annoying than having to wake up at 3 A.M. because some drunk girl in your dorm decided to make macaroni and cheese but forgot to add the water to it.


Drowning yourself in FOMO

You’re never missing out on as much as you think you are. People always put highlights on their Snapchat stories and Instagrams–you’re not going to see the parts where they were all sitting boredly on their phones before posing for pictures. You’re also not going to see the boring parts. If you cling to FOMO too much you’re going to end up getting yourself down and missing out on other things. This article on the Lala about FOMO is great, BTW. (Source:

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