Top Items Not To Buy for College Every Student Should Know

An Extra Set of Sheets

Honestly, you wash your current sheets, toss them in the dryer and then put them right back on. No matter how cute the second set is, you really don’t need them. Some packing lists suggest three sets of sheets. Unless you plan on literally throwing sheets in the trash.


Cases of Water

These are bad for the environment and they take up a lot of space. While it is good to be hydrated and to have plenty of water, I suggest investing in a filtered water bottle or two. It’ll save you money and space while also benefiting the environment.


A Printer

If you’re really lazy, I guess you could buy one but generally the library has printing and sometimes it’s even free. Printers take up space and ink gets super expensive. Also, when you have a printer I guarantee anyone who knows you have it will ask you to use it.


Extra Seating

Your space is limited in your dorm and if you need extra seating, your friends can sit on your bed, desk chair or the floor. Of course, if you want a fun chair then go for it but keep in mind it’s taking up precious space. They also break frequently.



Some dorm checklists insist you need these, but most dorms come fully equipped with ugly curtains that you can’t change or cover. Check with your college to be sure, but 90% of the time you don’t need to buy curtains.


A Robe

Maybe this is just me, but I never wore a robe and I didn’t know of many people that wore robes. You wear your towel wrapped around you to the shower and then wear the wet towel back to your dorm. A robe is just another thing to carry to the shower.


A Floor Lamp

You don’t have space. You don’t need this. You definitely do not need this. You might hate the overhead fluorescent lighting but a desk lamp and string lights are a better alternative than a big floor lamp. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dorm with floor lamp in it.

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