Top Foods in Japan You Didn’t Know Were to Die For

With my multiple visits to the one and only best place in the world which is japan has let me know a thing or two about where to eat for whenever I have those sudden midnight cravings while binge-watching my favorite anime.

With all the yummy food that I’ve eaten there it was only a matter of time before I made an article related to their yummy food. I have an exclusive list for anyone who wants to spoil themselves with yummy and comforting food!



“Yakitori is traditionally Japanese grilled chicken, freshly prepared and served on a skewer ready to eat – handy for those of you not feeling so confident with the chop sticks!  At some food stalls you may find that there are several different types of yakitori, marked only in Japanese; these are usually different flavorings, such as a sake/soy sauce, salted, or skewers with peppers or other veggies.  It’s all tasty, so just point and go for it”. (Source:


Shaved Ice

Shaved ice is probably not a big deal where you are from. Heck they probably even sell it where you live as well. However, you’ve never experienced a bit of heaven until you’ve eating some Japanese shaved ice. It comes in all sorts of flavors and it’s topped with some deliciously good condensed milk.



One of the many popular snacks in Japan and I can definitely tell why it’s so popular. The amazing taste is simply something I can only describe like a mouthgasm.



Korokke is a ball of flour and breadcrumbs that are stuffed with a potato based goodness. This is one of the first snacks I tried while I stayed in japan for a month. It was incredibly amazing and incredibly cheap too! After realizing how cheap it was I didn’t mind eating them every day.



Or how I like to call them: heaven. These little bad boys are waffle-like snacks that can be stuffed with either red bean paste, vegetables, or even meat. You’ll find this basically ALL over Japan so you won’t even have to try hard to find them. They even sell them prepackaged in case you want to cook some at the comfort of your own home or in case you want to give it to someone!

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