Top Best Tips You Can Do To Pray With Your Spouse

Choose A Time But Be Flexible

Ryan and I have two times a day we pray together. At dinner and before bed. I do pray for him other times, but these are the times we pray together. So we have the “choose a time” down. However, it is rare that we randomly pray together because of a need or want. That is where the flexibility comes in. There will be times when prayer in needed/wanted/requested randomly and we get to be flexible!


Pray Alone Before Praying Together

Sometimes we might feel the need to pray to God before we pray with our husbands. And that is okay! We can ask Him for guidance, support and wisdom before entering prayer with our men.


Thank God And Praise Him For Your Spouse

Pray thanksgiving that God would bring you to your husband. Thank Him for specific qualities that your man possesses that you love.


Use Scripture For Your Prayers

This is a great alternative to when we don’t know what to pray. No matter how hard we think, we just have no idea what to pray about. If this has happended to you then a simple fix to that is by finding a scripture and pray that you can implement it into your life.


Write A Prayer And Read It

Sometimes writing our prayers down can be easier than verbalizing. Write the desires of your heart and then read them.


Start Short

Keep it short and simple while building the routine. Short doesn’t mean it’s unauthentic! Once he has gotten the hang of it you can extend for a bit more the pray time.


Show Some Affection

Praying together doesn’t mean you have to be all serious. Prayer is meant to be intimate. End your couple prayer time with a kiss, hug or cuddle.

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