Top Fun Things To Do In Antwerp, Belgium

The Dutch-speaking city of Antwerp should be on every traveler’s list when visiting Belgium. Despite my best efforts, I arrived in Antwerp after sunset and was unable to get my bearings during daylight hours. Yet I still felt safe on my walk to dinner that evening and immediately fell in love with this city.

Even though Dutch is predominantly taught in Schools here, you’ll hear a mix of languages spoken, including English, German and French, so it’s an extremely tourist-friendly destination. And because the city is surprisingly small, the list below can easily be done on a three-day visit.



The Chocolate Line is a gorgeous chocolate shop and is located in Grand Meir Palace, which was at one time owned by both the Belgian Royal Family and Napoleon. You can buy a variety of unique handmade chocolates here, including Earl Grey, cannabis, bacon and cigar-flavored chocolate squares.



I did eventually make it to the Michelin-approved restaurant, Dock’s Cafe, located along the docks of the Scheldt river. The French and Italian-inspired cuisine and extremely fresh oyster bar definitely deserves its Michelin Star status. I highly recommend the savory duck with leeks and potatoes.



Goossens has been around since 1884 and it’s extremely popular with the locals, which means you absolutely have to try it. You can’t miss this small shop if you arrive in the morning because there will be a line out the door. Right next door is Philip’s Biscuits and it’s also a local favorite. Don’t forget to try the delicious, buttery Antwerp Hand cookie, it’s a great gift to bring home as well.



Did you know that Antwerp has one of the prettiest train stations in the world? Apparently, this 19th Century building is listed as one of the top three most beautiful railway stations. Even if you’re not arriving or departing by train, it’s a must see for the photo opportunities alone.

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