Top 3 most popular ways to consume marijuana around the world.

For users, smoking this marvelous flower has not limits whatsoever.

In fact, there are so many ways to smoke we’d spend days talking about all and each one of them.

What can we say?

People that smoke marijuana can get really creative about it.

We can find so many different methods that can leave you with better experience than others: from soft to strong puffs, from dangerous to healthier methods.

Either way, it’s good to have some fun every now and then right?

The thing is that, it gets actually pretty hard to choose in between all of them methods.

After all, not everybody has the same perspective out of each method as everybody.

They only way for you find out the best cannabis smoking method out there for you is by trying them all.

But, instead of trying all and each one of them, we recommend for you to try these first.

Here’s a list of the top 4 most popular ways to smoke cannabis:

1)           Bongs

The classic bongs.

They’ve been around for decades now. It must be for some reason though.

People love this method since they come in all kinds of shapes and colors. They also provide one of the best puffs of your life.

Aficionados guarantee there’s actually no other method that can actually compare to this one.

You can find them all in different shapes and material a smoke shop.

2)           Dad rig

No. It doesn’t need for you dab while smoking.

They’re something like a smaller bong. They’re also water pipes.

You can pour less substance in them and create twice the smoke you could create with a typical bong.

People claim that the puff you get from dab rigs are the smoothest and purest of them all.

They can also be found at so many different shapes and colors and they can be built out of quartz, glass and even titanium.

Since they’re smaller than bongs, they’re more practical and discrete.

You can carry them with no problem and be the envy between your friends.

3)           Apple pipes

They’re pretty funny though.

The smoke tastes like apple yes!

This one is cheaper. It only takes for you to find a good apple, cute it and make them work as a little chamber in which you can place a pipe and concentrate the smoke that you want to inhale.

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