Tips for finding the cheapest flights


It’s crazy how much money you can save by taking a detour. This isn’t exactly environmentally friendly or my top tip for getting cheaper flights, but if it includes visiting somewhere you would eventually then why not?
The downside to this is often you can end up taking a much longer flight which personally I don’t mind but can drive some people crazy.



I nearly always book direct with the airline, especially long haul, as the T&C for cancellation/change are usually better and cheaper. You will also usually find the flights cheaper here than if booking through say Expedia which acts as an agent, unlike Skyscanner which just searches for you.



Midweek flight booking is usually cheaper, though it is not the firm rule. Check throughout the week or sign up for a ‘Price Alert’ on Skyscanner and they will ping you through the deals when the price drops.



Rome 2 Rio is the ultimate app for working out connections and your answer to all those ‘Where the hell is that airport’ questions that come from budget airlines. You can also use it to check out alternative routes. Say, you want to go to Florence, but its way cheaper to fly to Rome a few clicks on here will tell you its less than an hour and a half by train and your cheapest options. Who doesn’t want a bonus visit to Rome?



I’m the king of last minute travel, so usually ignore this but my cheap flight to Indonesia last year was £300 6 months in advance and £900 the week before when I checked again, so get in early and lock down a price. Sure, you can wait to see if it goes down but if it is already cheap compared to normal the gamble usually takes off.



Everyone has an opinion on when it is cheaper to fly, but really it depends on your destination. Certain routes are more popular with business passengers so cost more during the week, where as some places are just for leisure so those weekend tickets rocket. Wherever you are heading, if you can be flexible on times you stand the best chance of a cheap airfare.

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