Thinking about learning how to play an instrument? I got the 3 easiest one for you!

I think we should learn as much as we can in life. At the end of the day, knowledge is power. And not only should people become what are known as book smarts but, I also happen to think that people should develop the artistic side everyone has.

Now, I know some people may say that a lot of things are required in order for you to learn how to play a musical instrument. For example, since I happen to have played the piano for a long time, I KNOW lots of patience and dedication is required for this instrument.

But, I happen to know that not everyone was mean to learn a hard instrument so, here are the options you have if you want to learn to play an easy instrument.


Some people might say this is a hard instrument to learn and others might disagree. All I know is that, according to my point of view, this instrument is actually an easy one to learn at any age.

You might be saying something like, but I have seen guitars and how the chords are and they seem pretty hard so, what is the deal?

Well, all I have to say is that this instrument sounds really beautiful and the chords are not as hard to learn as the ones on the guitar.

2.The flute

I consider this instrument to sound kind of annoying but, that does not mean that this is not an easy instrument to learn. On the contraire my friend, it is one of the easiest ones!

For some, this instrument might be a bit of a challenge at first but, once you learn how this wind instrument is used, it is just an easy breezy trip from there.

3.The piano

If patience is a virtue of yours, then this will definitely be an easy instrument to master. This instrument might not be as easy as the other ones I just mentioned but if you really want to learn this instrument, with patience, it will become easier over the course of time.

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