The 9 awesome things about vaping.

Tobacco is the avoidable leading cause of death in Spain.

According to the Ministry of Health, 60000 people die in Spain every year due to the smoking habit, from which 1500 of them are passive smokers.

There’s no registered information about any death in the world due to vaping.

If you’re a cigarette smoker who’s looking forward to quitting it, you can start by changing your cigars into electronic cigarettes or vapers.

Here’s a short list of the positive things about vaping you didn’t know.

We’re sure that by the time you’ve finished reading all these advantages you’ll want to buy vape.

Health benefits:

1) The toxic and carcinogenic substances contained in tobacco smoke are avoided, as for the smoker as for those around him.

2) Whenever you stop progressively inhaling, that suffocation feeling of the smoker before any physical effort won’t be a problem for vapers; their lung capacity will be improved, as well as their skin oxygenation.

3) Vapers will recover their senses of smell and taste.

4) It won’t make you fat: Since you won’t feel anxiety due to the lack of nicotine, you won’t have to compensate it by ingesting great amounts of food just to feel full.

Economic advantages:

5) You will save a lot of money: Adding the initial equipment, plus the consumables, plus the liquids, you’ll see that the price difference between traditional tobaccos is abysmal.

Social advantages:

6) There are no unpleasant odors: this means that there’s no smell of tobacco, neither in the clothes, nor in the rooms or in your hair.

You can basically forget ashtrays full of cigarette, butts, and ash stains.

7) It will definitely improve your breath and your teeth won’t get yellow. Your fingers will also look good as they always do.

8) Your body and skin will definitely appreciate the change due to the fact that vaping will help them be much more oxygenated and free of CO in blood.

9) Vape in places you couldn’t ever smoke before in your past as a cigarette smoker: As long as you can maintain the current laws and rules of courtesy, (which are strongly recommend), you can vape on most places you couldn’t smoke before and is completely socially accepted.

There’s a vape store online that will sell you only the best vapers at the best prices. Go ahead and try this newest and healthiest smoking method.

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