Television Shows that should have never been cancelled!

We know that when it comes to the T.V. and movie world, hits come and go and some lucky shows stand the test of time!

But, in the arts and entertainment world, you never know. Why do I say this? Because sometimes producers have a hit show in their hands and for whatever reasons, they decide to cancel it.

I know that there are many factors that may play a role in why a show is cancelled but some, truly have no reason for being cancelled. These are the television shows I want to mention in this post.

Arrested Development

I know that this show is actually up and running nowadays again but, there was really no reason to cancel this show in the first place!

This show was filled with really witty and dark humor audience members truly loved. Plus, each character had a completely different personality and this made the show that much more diverse in its content.

My so called life

This show was so angsty it hurts! But, teenagers definitely loved this show. It barely had a complete season running but, it left such a mark on their audience members that they even made an online campaign to get the show back but apparently nothing was achieved as I never heard of the show coming back to television.


This show actually only lasted for a year as well which is nothing in the television world if you really think about it. This show was about dancing and ballerinas and you just KNOW the world of dancing is filled with drama, especially when it comes to ballet.

But, apparently the reason for cancelling this show is that when it comes to the audience, the plot was not as captivating to them as it was to me. This actually led to the show eventually being cancelled.

Sadly, no audience means: no money and no money means, not having anything else to keep the show up and going for another season.

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