There’s just something about office supplies that gets my heart fluttering with excitement. It’s not an irrational relationship. There have been some pretty incredible school supplies that have revolutionized the way we learn. Here’s my top fave!



Binders have gotten really pricey over the last couple of years. However, I need them for everything. I cut the spine off of my Draw USA book, put it in page protectors, and the book has become an interactive resource. I need my binders to last though. My favorites are the Staples Better Binders. They really are better!

I love that they have rubber edges, a d-ring, and the one hand opening. It’s worth it to invest a bit more early on, than having to replace them with cheap products you have to replace every year.



Piggy backing on the binder idea, a box of heavy duty page protectors can last you the whole year and save you on making copies. With some ultra fine dry erase markers, your kids will also be able to write in places that a normal pen could. What would I do without page protectors?



I am not good with note card boxes. Everything inevitably ends up getting dumped out. I love binder rings for keeping up with flash cards…and boy do we have a lot of them!

They come in a variety of sizes. My favorite are the 2″ rings, and they’re super cheap, so you can have a bunch of them!



Ticonderoga pencils are worth buying for the eraser alone! There is nothing worse than watching your child melt over his paper that was ruined by a cheap eraser. I do love having these erasers on hand for heavy erasing jobs. There’s nothing like burning through the eraser on the back of the pencil before you’ve even had a chance to sharpen it!


I used to have a fancy color laser printer. That thing went through ink like nobody’s business. It really didn’t print any cheaper than the office supply store, and it was a pain to keep all of those ink cartridges ready to switch out. Did I mention it was huge?

We finally wised up and got a black and white laser printer for printing at home, and took our color jobs to the print shop. It’s so nice because I can make copies of worksheets, and I’m also not tempted to just print copious amounts of fun things in color at home. There’s accountability at the print shop!

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