Scary Yet Breathtaking Ghost Towns To Visit Before You Die

Ghost towns may sound like something scary. Especially thanks to horror movies where most bad things happen in ghost towns. But that’s not the case in real life. In fact, its actually amazing. Because these ghost towns have their own very unique kind of beauty. Which is what makes them so interesting for a lit of people. If you are interested in visiting ghost towns I recommend the following.


Newkirk, New Mexico

Despite the fact that a handful of people still live there, Newkirk, New Mexico can always qualify for one of the best ghost towns along route 66.

It is definitely a bit of an enigma, but thanks to some of the old and abandoned stores and gas stations, a visit to this railroad town-turned-service center will definitely prove to be an interesting outing.


Afton, Oklahoma

If you’re interested in traveling across the US and want to learn more about the Route 66 culture, Afton, OK, is the town to visit.

Be ready to walk through empty streets to explore old buildings that you may have seen in some movies.


Erick, Oklahoma

In Erick, you will come across some towering buildings that cast long shadows over Route 66. The arrival of Route 66 made old saloons and cattle yards of boisterous cow towns disappear to make way for coffee shops and truck stops.

You must visit this ghost town to explore the Sandhills Curiosity Shop, which is one of the finest and unique roadside establishments on all of Route 66. A trip to this building will give access to thousands of items of memorabilia, such as antique furniture, signs, guitars, books, as well as photographs of roadies who’ve stopped in over the years.


Oatman, Arizona

If you’re on the lookout for one of the most desolate and demanding route 66 ghost towns, you should drive to Oatman, AZ.

Even though it’s now a desolate stretch of the old road climbing from I-40, Oatman’s crusty charms make it an awesome experience for visitors.

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