San Diego’s Must-visit Places You Didn’t Know About

Café Calabria

This Italian cafe/pizzeria is the best ever. Their amazing lattes are the reason why I love going there every single day. When it comes to their pizzas, I highly recommend the Nepolitan Pizza. The flavors simply explode in your mouth and you just can’t get enough of them.


Coffee & Tea Collective says the following: “If you like your coffee strong, head to this artisanal coffee shop. (A popular pairing is a hot coffee with their waffles.) C&T also has an active Instagram account, which shares news about coffee-related events”.


Bird Rock Coffee Rosters

From the food to the coffee and even everything that surrounds you while you are there is simply described as perfection. What I also liked about this place was how their staff treated me. I loved it so much and they made me feel like a princess.


Torrey Pines

This place is perfect for hiking. It isn’t difficult to hike though, however the view is simply breathtaking. It has various gorgeous trees, flowers and the most amazing view of the Pacific. What more could you ask for?

Despite the greatness of this place the parking fee isn’t so great. I suggest parking by the water before the park entrance; otherwise it’s $12-15 for official lot parking.

Balboa Park

This massive urban park has museums, restaurants, tennis courts, dog parks, a botanical garden, archery course, organ pavilion, swimming pool and miles and miles of trails. Meaning: miles and miles of amazingness and awesomeness.


Sunset Cliffs

It’s not only the best place to watch a San Diego sunset, but also much less populated than the Torrey Pines trail. Making it a perfect place to truly enjoy the view. You can walk the mild undulation of Sunset Cliffs Park or head north on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard towards Ocean Beach.

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