Most Romantic Getaways You Should Go To Before You Die

If you and your significant other are adventurers like me and love travelling to amazing places then you’re in the right place. I’ve always loved going to breathtaking places to create amazing memories and experiences. If your looking for a beautiful place to spend some romantic moments with your significant other, try going to these places:


Niagara Falls

What better place than Niagara Falls? Seriously this place is incredibly breathtaking and I love going there with my boyfriend.


See a Performance at the Sydney Opera House in Australia

You’ll be delighted by the performances at the Sydney Opera house. Just last week I went to Australia and my cousin kept telling me to watch a performance there and after giving it some time to think I decided to do it. At that time my boyfriend wasn’t with me but I’m trying to convince him to go with me next month because I simply loved EVERYTHING about it!


Go Grape Stomping in California’s Wine Country

The experience is simply amazing and I wish I lived in California so I could do this every single day! I haven’t gone with my boyfriend yet but I did go with my family and they had a blast!


Attend a Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand

I never imagined myself visiting Thailand let alone attending the floating lantern festival. Until one day my boyfriend surprised me on my birthday and told me how we were going to Thailand for a few days. Even when we were already there he still didn’t tell me anything about going to the floating lantern festival so I was incredibly shocked and amazed once I got there! I highly recommend attending the festival.


Go Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef

Who said you could only have a romantic date on dry land? You can still experience the beauty and romanticness even under water. Going snorkeling is a wonderful experience and if it’s your first time snorkeling then you’ll never want to get out of the water.

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