How to recognize a real celebrity

What is a real “Celebrity”?

The word “Celebrity” comes from the Latin “celebritatum”, and relates to the verb celebrate which means to honor something.

Once, when society used to honor their best for their contribution to society this word meant something. Now it just means you are famous.

However, there is more, to be famous you should be at least good at one thing.

But not just anything, you need to be the best in some form of entertainment, sport.

something that requires a minimum of commitment to achieve the outstanding level achieved above everybody else.

Nevertheless, I´m describing the past, the land of achievement and true recognition.

A time when society thrived thanks to its bests representatives.

Know a fake celebrities or “arrivistes

Today you don´t even have to be good at something, not relevant, not an athlete, nothing, to be a celebrity.

You just have to be “followed”, “liked” or “seen” to achieve this title.

Not too long ago, this was jealously guarded for our finest.

It a little funny thus sad too, that those real celebrities allow this “arrivistes” to share such an honor.

To be called “a celebrity”, ignoring -I guess- this indulgent attitude only encourages people to try to be that way.

Make people think they can get something without really deserving it, it´s a nasty ingredients list to a mediocre society.

On the other hand, sometimes I think this need for recognition as a celebrity, is the next best thing to get a real college degree, or accomplishment.

You didn´t finish high school, but you are a celebrity or you are college drop off but you are a celebrity.

I´m not sure if break into a laugh or feel sad for that kind of persons.

People, get out there and achieve something meaningful, something you can tell your descendants someday and stop trying to steal somebody else’s thunder.

A few examples of fake celebrities

The number one, I think on everybody´s list are the infamous Kardashians. Since when showing the tip of a buttock is a great accomplishment, and the show, I assure it is a brain cells killer.

Another weird act of a celebrity is Paris Hilton. Come on people, she´s just rich and didn´t even work for the money, literally fell into her hands and there is no achievement at that, maybe she could award natural selection for the gig.

To wrap it up, rappers (LOL, couldn´t help it) with the double standard life (one-day rapper, another day street gangster) can´t be considered celebrities, they already have a name “felon” and society don´t award felons, punishes them.

Finally, a little justice for all those who really deserve the celebrity title, don´t put them in the same bowl with people like the above mentioned. Thank you.

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