Pros and cons of live streaming news

Television news is something that must always be a part of our daily lives and information channels right?

Well, since the world of the internet is constantly evolving and coming up with new things like Bigg Boss 11 , now we have live streaming to see whatever world event is going on from any device we have so, there are no excuses to not being aware or informed of an important world event that is currently going on.

But, we are all very much aware of the fact that there is a good and bad side to everything in life right? Well, the same thing happens to live streaming news and this is the subject I want to touch in this article.

First I want to mention the positive things!

Thanks to this innovation in the television and the internet world, lots of important events have been seen around the world.

Honestly, if live streaming had existed around the time we had those horrible wars, maybe lots of events could have been avoided since the whole world would have seen them and done something about them.

Thanks to lots of news being live streamed, lots of lawsuits and crimes have been solved and this is something we have to be thankful for as justice has been served.

Now, on to the not so positive things about live streaming news

Even though there have been so many things that have come out of live streaming T.V. and news, there is a dark side to it.

The problem when you stream news live, is that the people that control these streaming don’t have 100% control over what they are streaming.

So children and people who might be sensitive to some content might be exposed to seeing images of death and war.

Unless the audience that decides to watch the live stream is aware of the news they are going to watch, these live streams are prone to accidents of that sort.


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