Practical Habits You Must Have to Help You Write a Book

Visualize Yourself Writing Your Book

I know this may sound a bit weird or crazy but trust me, it works perfectly! All you need to do is write a short visualization script. Imagine yourself tapping on the keyboard as you write your book. If you’re able to imagine it then try describing what’s happening in your imagination in a couple of sentences. Do this simple exercise at least once a day; twice a day if possible.


Develop the Habit of Managing Your Time

Writing a good book can take time. Write down the things you usually do during the day. If you have a tight schedule, think about how you could fit in writing time. Balancing your daily life and work and a book may seem a bit crazy however it isn’t impossible.


Develop a Journaling Habit

Create a writer’s journal for your book. Your writing journal will contain important things such as: ideas, outlines, and insights. You’ll bless your journal if you can’t write for a few days. It will put you in the right frame of mind to write when you read your journal entries.


Lower Your Expectations

Writing a book has its ups and downs. You’ll avoid stress if you simply accept each day’s writing as the best you can do. Writing a book is a process. You write the book. Then you review and revise your book. You may go through this process several times. I highly recommend accepting the process, and being happy with everyday writings.


Eliminating Distractions While You’re Writing

This was something very difficult for me to do. I can pretty much get easily distracted. So I had to make a choice. Either let myself continue getting distracted and never finishing the book or eliminate any distractions and finish the book. Since I really wanted to finish my book the choice was easy. The process however, was a bit difficult for me but it wasn’t impossible.

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