Why is some people kind of obsessing over the new Baywatch movie?

Every now and then there are movies that just make audiences get super curious. These summers, lots of movies are making audiences experience lots of feelings but, there is one movie that particularly stands out to me and that is Baywatch.

If you happen to have grown in the 90s, then you MUST know about Baywatch. That show was super-duper famous and all over the place!

Now, whether you liked the show or not, you were probably curious when you heard that a new Baywatch movie came out. Some liked it, others did not but, I happen to have personally liked it and in this post, I will show you my reasons for liking this movie.

The cast

Say what you want about Zac Efron and his talent always being placed under the same type of role but I mean, let’s just face it, the guy is really good at being a hot douche bag. So, why would this movie take him out of that label?

Another plus to this movie is that actors like the Rock have important roles in it. I mean let’s just be honest for a minute and face the music, has the Rock ever failed to amaze us and make us laugh. Plus, it does not really hurt or bother the ladies to watch the guy shirtless right?

Everybody likes action/comedy movies

This might not be the typical movie in which a bunch of things are blowing up but it is still filled with lots of action, comedy and very interesting characters as well.

The plot

Even though this movie might be all giggles to some, there is actually some sort of twist to the movie’s plot. Why? Because this family oriented show now launches a movie that is about Mitch and his crew trying to act like they are cops and go save the day and the bay from a business woman that just wants to ruin all the fun. Ok, so I lied, the plot is not that deep but that does not mean the movie is not interesting at all!

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