New internet star: A dog that sings Britney Spears’ “Toxic”

Move over Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa, there’s a new star in town and has been born over the internet!

It’s about “Riley”, a dog whose video has been viralized for weeks now just by perfectly howling one of the verses of Britney Spears’ “Toxic”

The funny video counts with over 4.6 million of views over Twitter and has catapulted his lovely can to fame quickly!

Riley’s owner revealed via Twitter that one night he had heard his own dog making strange noises due to the presence of a cat that was in the back of the house. He then started recording it because he thought it seemed fun.

To his and everyone’s surprise and for an amazing coincidence between the shrieks, the dog played with great success the beginning of one of the most popular songs of the pop princess!

“Is it, or just seems to me, that Riley sounds like she’s singing Britney Spears’  ‘Toxic’?” where the words the owner called Matthew Hardin used to talk about this surprising video of his puppy on Twitter  along with the link to the funny video.

In only a matter of 24 hours the publication Matthew had posted on his personal account on Twitter had already had more than two million views.

There were even a couple of people that put together a compilation of the dog and the singer! Making it even funnier!

There’s actually a request made by an user for everyone to share the video as much as they can via every social media and tag mrs. Spears herself so she can watch the video and let her know that she has a great canine fan!

If you want to watch the funny video, we’re going to leave the link right here for you to watch it! Remember to tag Britney!


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