New up and coming comedians you need to follow in 2017

Comedy can sort of be just like fashion. Why? Because new trends and comedians are constantly popping up and just like fashion trends, comedians come and go. Some DO stand the test of time but most, just fade away into comedic history.

Since I want you to be as updated as you can be with comedy, I want you to be aware of the top comedians this year so that if you have not checked them out, you better start doing so now!

There is no need to thank me for showing you the best of the best when it comes to comedy!

Lauren Lapkus

She will probably seem a bit familiar to you as she has made some appearances in some famous movies but, it is now her chance to shine as a comedian and she is really doing great at this task!

So, you better be watching out for the comedic material as it is expected to rock!

Joel Kim Booster

I know this is a comedian that you have probably not heard about but, unless you are North West, no one is born famous. You have to pave the way! So, you can see his awesome comedic talent in shows like Conan.

Dave Chappelle is an old one but, he is bringing new material to the table!

If you happen to know this comedian from way back when he was first starting you just KNOW everything he does is set to stand the test of comedic time!

Now, if you have followed him from a while, you are aware of the fact that Dave Chappelle stepped out of the celebrity scene and did not make any more material in a while.

Well, thanks to Netflix this has changed and now he is bringing us not one but TWO comedic specials. So, you better get that pizza and popcorn ready for Netflix because you will not stay away from your T.V. until you finish both specials!



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