Are you looking to get some fitspiration? Here are some of the fittest male celebrities of 2017!

You know how we all need to feel motivated from time to time right? Well, if you happen to be focusing on your body and working out, the celebrity world will definitely make an impact in your workout routines.

Now, it does not hurt that most of these celebrities are kind of eye candy as well. So, here are some of the hardest bodies of the celebrity world.

The first and best one is The Rock!

This guy makes a living out of his really good looking physique. So, how could you not even consider him being placed in this list if it was an obvious choice for fitspiration?

But do not think he gets this body easily. His workout and eating routine are very hard core. Some people try to emulate it but eventually, they fail at it.

Another hottie: Chris Hemsworth

This guy not only has the pretty face and the attitude to go with it. This guy has a really hot body as well my friend. But, don’t think he got that awesome rock hard physique by just laying around.

He has actually worked really hard for it and that hard work is definitely paying off.

Mark Wahlberg

I think this guy is exactly like a good old wine. The older he gets, the hotter he gets. I mean ok, he went through a kind of chubby and lazy phase but don’t we all have those moments?

I need you to take a minute to enjoy 2017 Mark Wahlberg as he just keeps getting hotter by the minute and there is definitely no fighting against that.

You know that really short dude from Soul plane? Well..

His name is Kevin Hart and his body is definitely getting a lot of attention for all the right reasons! His body is getting so hot, and he is really working hard for it and that is just the most awesome thing for the ladies as his body is definitely a work of the Gods that does not hurt to see my friends.

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