Items You Didn’t Know You Needed for a Disney Cruise

Have you booked your Disney Cruise, packed your bags, and purchased your plane tickets? Are you ready to set sail on one of the greatest cruise lines there is? Before you jump on board for your magical journey, double check your luggage because you may be missing a few things you wish you had!

Take a look below at items you didn’t know you needed for a Disney cruise. Chances are, these couple of items aren’t on your list but should be. Here is what you need to know.


Pirate gear.

Pirate night is one of the big party nights on the cruise. Disney will leave bandanas in your room for you, but if you want additional pirate swag you will need to buy it on the boat. Instead, be prepared and hit up the dollar store prior to boarding so you can take your own.


Glow sticks

During many of the evening deck parties, the decks can get crowded. Take a package of glow sticks so your family can always locate each other. Waving glow sticks can help your party find each other while also making the event a little more colorful. Better yet, color code them so you know that the people with blue glow sticks most likely belong to your party!


A night light

The cabin can become a little dark at night, so if you are traveling with children a night light may be helpful. You can plug it into one of the many outlets and add a little glow to your cabin each evening.


An autograph book

Take a small notebook with you for characters to sign, cast members to sign, and for your favorite service members to sign. It is also a great way to keep track of the addresses of new friends you meet on the trip.


A small pair of scissors!

My friend, Tove, from Mama in the Now, reminded me of how useful having scissors on board a cruise can be. I keep a small pair in my purse and use them all the time for packages etc. In a pinch, a pair of nail clippers works too!

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