Is it the end for Captain America?

As you may have known by now, Chris Evans, has played the iconic Captain America, in the cinematographic universe of MARVEL since it premiered in 2011. He has earned the full approval of the millions of fans of one of the most representative characters in history of the comics.

After so many rumors and so many comments,  Chris Evans himself, has said goodbye to this character forever, via his personal twitter account.

He tweeted: “Officially I have finished Avengers 4. I can say that it was quite emotional day. To interpret this character for more than 8 years was a total honor for me, all in front of the cameras, behind the cameras, and in the audience Thank you for the memories! I will be eternally grateful ”

This means Chris has finally hung the shield of Captain America, but it is very likely as we know that this is not the last time in Avengers 4, is the last time we see this character, of course, we will see being played by another actor and may be not under the name of Steve Rogers.

We know that Chris Evans, could not give up the idea of ​​remaining The Captain, and made it clear in an interview he gave in which he said “You always want to get off the train first before they push you ”

Avengers 4, will finish an era of films from the MARVEL’s cinematographic universe, and will give way to new franchises, new characters and obviously to a new generation of actors that will play them.

It is difficult to conceive the idea that this generation of actors who have given us so much fun playing these characters for so many years, is actually coming to an end.

But for now, all we gotta do is wait until May 3rd, 2019 so we can watch Chris Evans as Captain American at least once again.


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