Is it good to spoil your dog?

Most of the time we spoil our dogs in a wrong way and we don’t even notice about it.


How can we know when we’re spoiling them the way it should be?

Well, the main key is to know this:

What’s GOOD is to spoil them in a way that makes them feel better physically and mentally.

What’s WRONG is to spoil them with things than can hurt them.

For instance,

What’s wrong is to…

1)           Spoil them with little food tastes

Most of the time, dogs will eat whatever it is that we are offer to them. So It basically depends on you to know whether it’s toxic or not the thing your feeding them with.

It can affect their diet causing them real bad damage to various organs. They can even suffer from the same illness as humans such as obesity.

2)           Spoil them by carrying them

Carrying them around all the time it’s a big mistake a lot of people commit.

This will only make your pet real insecure. Nervous with other dogs and things in the environment.

He won’t feel ok when left alone in an open space.

You have to let your dog explore and feel safe in his environment.

3)           Spoiling them and buying them expensive things

Caps, sweaters, shirts, even weed dog collars! They all can be found on the internet.

They’re pretty and your dog looks really good but most of the time, your dog could feel uncomfortable.

You have to make sure that your dog feels comfortable with the cloths and the accessories you buy for them before purchasing them.

 What’s good is to…

1)           Spoiling them by taking them for a walk

Walks are every puppy’s favorite activity, for sure.

If you really want them to feel loved, take them for a walk and let them sniff and explore the outside world.

2)           Spoiling them by buying food

The best way to show them some love is to buy them the best food that our economy allows.

A very good diet will help them improve their life quality and to be healthy and strong.

3)           Spoiling them with games

If you plan to buy them a toy, make sure it is a toy specially designed for dogs, non-toxic and that it is also an “intelligent” toy that helps your puppy to stimulate his mind.

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