If you like foreign cinema you will love these two films

1 Koblic

It is a very well made Argentine film, with a solid story. From de directors of “Un cuento chino” (A Chinese tale) another success of Argentine cinema.

It is about an era of Argentine history that not everyone likes to remember, the dictatorship of General Videla in the 70s.

The story centers on one of its most sordid chapters, the called “flights of death“, in which the dictatorship threw to the sea “the communists” from airplanes in full flight.

The film manages to give a lesson in history and at the same time tells a story of love, confusion and turbulent times.

If you have the opportunity to see it, do not miss it, I assure you that you will enjoy it enormously.

2 El ciudadano ilustre (The distinguished citizen)

This highly awarded film, also from the Argentine cinema, tells the story of a writer who won the Nobel Prize, who after having spent most of his life living abroad, returns to his hometown in the Argentine province where a series of very interesting and that make the movie very entertaining.

In the framework of Argentine cinema, the film is very well achieved, excellent photography, very fresh performances and a story that guarantees 0% boredom.

Anything else is a spoiler, so I recommend you to see it.

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