How to highlight the qualities of Mexico to succeed in the ‘Cuarón’ style

“Rome” has become a phenomenon. The most recent film by Alfonso Cuarón made us turn to our childhood to remember and identify with music, clothes, road trips with family or even some customs.

This film has generated diverse opinions, but without a doubt, all of us generated some feeling with one of its many elements. Showing Mexican culture to the world can be achieved in different ways, in this case, Cuarón opted to portray Mexico from his memory, in a reality that he lived in flesh and blood to create one of his most important works.

You can do this exercise to generate new ideas. Turn your gaze to what made you happy; retake odors, flavors, colors and shapes to redefine your product or service, can be the key to succeed in the Cuarón style.

Here are some qualities of Mexico to highlight in your business:

1. Ttraditions and customs

Including traditional elements of Mexican culture in your products make it attractive to foreign customers. The Day of the Dead for example, is a great inspiration for your packaging, designs, image or even thematic lines that will generate great curiosity while you get to know a little bit of Mexico. Take the example of: Pai Pai

2. The indigenous languages

In Mexico we have 364 linguistic variants associated with 68 indigenous languages, which make us one of the countries with the greatest cultural richness, however, this beautiful quality is still little known. There are brands that have done their bit to contribute to the dissemination and appreciation of these languages. Take the example of: The Cabinet

3. Local products

Using local raw material and at the same time contributing to improve the quality of life of the endemic producers will make your product much more attractive, since its way of producing itself, the flavor and social value will make you go much further, while sharing the essence mexican Take the example of: Yolcan

4. The music Ajúa!

One of the best ways to travel without leaving home is through music, as it hits the brain directly and our mood can change with the type of music we listen to.

Take advantage of the variety of popular music that we have in Mexico to move your customers to a state of pleasure through auditory marketing. As simple as if you listen to mariachi music, you will surely want a tequila!

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