How to Efficiently Recover From a Gambling Addiction

Gambling may be something that a lot of people may enjoy during their spare time. However, a lot of people can become very dependent of gambling and they can even end up being severely addicted to it.

If you suffer from such addiction this guide will be a great amount of help for you. It’s also important to understand that patience is key to recovery. You don’t simply recover from one day to another. It can even take a few weeks to months to fully recover but the result is what matters the most.


Understanding problem

Before fixing anything you must first understand the problem. Compulsive gamblers aren’t able to control the impulse to gamble. Even if the person knows that it affects negatively those around him, they will still gamble. When you’re a gambler, you do whatever it takes to gamble. Even if you have no money, even if you have to skip work, even if you have to steal money from someone, that person will continue to gamble.

Signs and symptoms of gambling addiction

Did you know that gambling addiction is also called a “hidden illness”? I never knew about this until I started helping my friend with her gambling addiction. I helped her so much and seeking professional help has made her understand how the addiction is called and how it affects her. The reason why it’s called a hidden illness is because there are no obvious physical signs or symptoms like there are in drug or alcohol addiction.

Addicted gamblers typically deny or minimize the problem. They also go to great lengths to hide their gambling. For example, problem gamblers often withdraw from their loved ones, sneak around, and lie about where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to.


Treatment and self-help for gambling addiction

Those who are addicted to gambling suffer from stress, depression, loneliness, fear, and anxiety. That said, exercising, meditating, spending time with friends, taking up new hobbies, or exploring relaxation techniques is a great way to diminish them and can help a lot to fight the addiction.

Gamblers Anonymous is also a great program to recover from gambling addiction. It contains a twelve-step program which helps effectively anyone suffering from gambling addiction.


Dealing with gambling cravings

During your recovery process you’ll often find yourself craving gambling. This is something normal and common. However, letting yourself constantly fall for your cravings won’t help the recovery process.

When an urge to gamble takes place, find anything that can distract you. Try cleaning your house or start a hobby that can calm you down like painting. Also, try to be more social instead of isolating yourself from people. Try to have some support from those who you care for.

If you know someone or if you suffer from gambling addiction, please seek for help. Admitting you have a problem lets you become closer to recovery. It may take time to recover as I mentioned earlier, however once you get closer and closer to fully recover it will be very rewarding for yourself. And you’ll also see a huge change in your life once you’re ok.

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