How to Effectively Prepare Yourself for High School

Honestly I wish I’d read a guide or two on how to prepare myself during high school. There are so many things I wish I’d known before entering high school. However, there’s no turning back now but for those entering high school for the first time ill share my experiences and knowledge.


Do Your Best in Your Studies

In high school you may think your social life is everything, but your studies are just as important. Whenever you’re studying you should pick a great study space. I honestly advise you to not study on your bed or in your bedroom. Always select a comfy table and chair to study for your exams. This little comfy area will also allow you to do any homework or project. If you don’t feel comfortable studying in your home try your nearest library.


You’re Not Alone, Have Your Parents Included

Remember your family has also gone through high school. They can talk to you about their experiences during their high school days and help you select the best courses and electives. High schools usually offer clubs and activities, talk to them about the ones you’d like to try. I recommend talking to your high school teachers and counselors about anything.

A Parental Advice About Your Kids Emotions

If you’re a parent you should motivate your child to talk about their feelings. For kids, the transition to high school can make them feel all sorts of ways. They may even feel scared or anxious about starting high school. Let them know that everything will be fine and how they shouldn’t feel scared or anxious.

Don’t Worry About The “Popular” Kids

For many high schoolers popularity is a must. Popularity might seem like something cool but it’s not worth it. Being popular can actually become a burden. Acting a certain way all the time, dressing a certain way, and even talking in a certain way is something they have to do to maintain their popularity. There are even some kids who are popular because they are mean to other kids and that is something you should NOT do.


Keep Yourself Organized

Organization is very important if you plan to keep up with your homework assignments and testing dates. Balancing your social life with your school life can be make you fall behind with school assignments. Try to get yourself an agenda or write down anywhere all the things you must do. Once you have everything organized always check them to make sure you’re ahead of everything. It’s good to also program the time you want to finish each assignment.

Put Your Phone Down!

Stop using any device that will keep you distracted during class. The text messages from your boyfriend/girlfriend can wait till after class. Also the latest gossip can wait till later. By keeping yourself fully focused on what your teachers are saying is a great way to always be ahead of everything.


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