The Most Delicious Street Foods You Should Eat In London

Ever find yourself in London and had no idea what to eat or where to go to indulge yourself into some warm and delicious food? That’s happened to me too! Every time I went to London I wanted to find the best place to eat something but it was very difficult since I didn’t know much about London. However, after so many times going there and after eating in so many places I finally know where to go. If you also like to know then continue reading on!


Hot Mess

Crispy goodness that are hand-cut chips topped with oozing creamy blobs of cheese curds and then drenched in gravy made from veal stock (or mushrooms) to create the classic Canadian dish poutine. With this dish you could never go wrong!


The Bowler

These wonderful meaty and saucy balls can go very well with a pasta/tomato combination. You can find these at Kerb and in Brockley Market. Ordering the green Thai chicken balls, coconut curry sauce, chili jam and steamed rice (all for £6) are a must!


Moen’s Hog Roast

A Portuguese-style water roll is loaded with wild rocket, own-made apple sauce, and herby roast pork that’s carved in front of you. Even with the ever-changing and the wide variety of food stalls at Venn Street Market, Moen’s big beast remains at the top of everyone’s list.


Mission Mariscos

Fleshy morsels of fish are battered and laid onto soft shell tacos, with a mango salsa, shavings of white cabbage and pico de gallo. You can dive in with prawn or scallop tacos, too. I suggest enjoying the deep-fried corn on the cob coated in parmesan and chili.


Yu Kyu

Japanese food van Yu Kyu played an absolutely genius move by putting crunchy panko-crumbed chicken breast and fragrant katsu curry sauce into a burger bun, and the results are just as tasty as you’re imagining. And to top it off they do a mighty fine line in sweet potato fries.

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