Celebrities Favorite Sports That Will Shock You

Being a Hollywood, political or any other kind of celebrity, does not make you a different person. Your normal life and likes are always going to remain with you wherever and whatever you are.

For normal people like you, finding out a celebrity shares the same taste in sports team as yourself, makes you feel good. It makes you feel like they’re just the same kind of person as you are.

It is not a surprise to find Jack Nicholson in a Los Angeles Lakers game or Will Ferrell and Leonardo DiCaprio sitting side-by-side at a basketball game. When you see Denzel Washington in line at the Yankees game, it really makes you feel like you have a connection with them.

Robin Williams: This Academy Award winner was one of the biggest supporters of the San Francisco Giants.


Jason Segel: A comedy star has been a Los Angeles Lakers fan since childhood and is frequently spotted at games. Also, Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise, two Hollywood super stars are Los Angeles Lakers fans and once in a while you see them enjoying their games.

Conan O’Brien: Anybody who watches his talk show on TBS knows that Conan O’Brien loves Boston Celtics. Hugh Grant, of course he loves sports, and Fulham soccer team is his favorite. Mark Wahlberg, a Boston native is a big Celtics and Red Sox fan.

As much as you admit to loving our favorite teams, there are some celebrities out there who might just be even bigger fans than any of us. Of course, it is not the same having a sit at the front row seats and all-access passes, where they can talk it up with their favorite athletes.

Sports! So many celebs with a devoted fan followings have their own devotions as well, and it’s pretty often a team. Here randomly are some of your favorite fandom’s sporty fandoms.

Chris Pratt, Seattle Seahawks & Mariners, is a huge Indianapolis Colts fan, the man himself great up near Seattle and loves the Super Bowl champion Seahawks and Seattle Mariners.

Jennifer Lawrence is a big fan of the University of Louisville Cardinals. Josh Hutcherson is a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats, AKA one of Louisville’s biggest rivals. No doubt that made for some healthy trash talking on set.

Lady Gaga, The Mother Monster is a true New Yorker. She loves the Giants, Knicks and Yankees, but she’s also been known to enjoy a Mets game.

Justin Bieber is a bit of sports polygamist, rocking everything from Miami Heat to LA Kings to Barcelona gear. But the Canadian is a hockey fan first, and roots for his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs. He’s also good buddies with boxer Floyd Mayweather, because of course.

Beyoncé represents Houston to the fullest through her Rockets fandom. She’s known to rock a Rockets fitted cap or a James Harden jersey.

Macklemore is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan, and was at the Super Bowl celebrating with Sea hawks players. Daniel Radcliffe, this Harry Potter star loves American football. He’s a New York Giants fan.

Selena Gómez hails from San Antonio, and is a big San Antonio Spurs fan. Katy Perry is often spotted at LA Lakers games, but also roots for the New England Patriots in the NFL. Taylor Swift, The Pennsylvania native loves the Pittsburgh Penguins and hockey in general. Also, Demi Lovato, a Texas native and the daughter of a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, so you know she roots for them Cowboys.

Zac Efron New Orleans Saints & LA Lakers, Nicki Minaj, New York Giants, Drake, Toronto Raptors, Rihanna, LA Lakers & Liverpool FC, Iggy Azalea, LA Lakers, and any one that comes to your mind, just name him or her, and more likely they are a sport fans, as most of the regular people in this world!

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