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THE APARTMENT AT THE HOTEL CONNAUGHT IN LONDON At $23,500 a night, the Apartment offers a private butler and menus designed by Michelin-starred chef Helene Darroze. It has a wrap-around balcony overlooking London’s incredibly posh Mayfair area.   THE SHANGRI-LA SUITE AT THE SHANGRI-LA BOSPHORUS IN ISTANBUL At a mere $26,385 a night, the Shangri-La […]

Tricks to Stay Comfortable on International and Overnight Flights in Economy

Especially for those of us who are young, broke, and have little to no credit, travel credit cards with complicated rewards points systems aren’t always an option. As such, getting those ridiculously comfy free flights that we hear so much about from professional travel hackers isn’t a reality that a lot of college students can […]

How To Travel Australia on a Budget

Travelling to Australia doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on your trip. Despite the high cost of living, (Australia scores no. 6 of the most expensive countries in the world) there are many ways to reduce costs and travel on a budget. If you make an accurate travel planning, choose cost-effective ways of getting around […]

Fun Things To Do In Boston This Weekend Or Today

Although Boston is home to destinations seen in other popular urban vacation spots around the United States, the city’s special place in history has packed it with incredible sites that were pivotal during the birth of the nation and the American Revolution. There is also a fine selection of art galleries, aquariums, restaurants and pubs; […]