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Top 5 Best Ways To Build Positive Classroom Community

By intentionally taking time to build a positive community in your classroom, you can ease the challenges of classroom management, improve student attitude toward learning, and create an environment where students feel welcomed and supported.   Setup a classroom challenge Establish a positive classroom community by having students complete short activities that encourage kindness, collaboration, […]

Fun Things To Do In Boston This Weekend Or Today

Although Boston is home to destinations seen in other popular urban vacation spots around the United States, the city’s special place in history has packed it with incredible sites that were pivotal during the birth of the nation and the American Revolution. There is also a fine selection of art galleries, aquariums, restaurants and pubs; […]


There’s just something about office supplies that gets my heart fluttering with excitement. It’s not an irrational relationship. There have been some pretty incredible school supplies that have revolutionized the way we learn. Here’s my top fave!   BINDERS Binders have gotten really pricey over the last couple of years. However, I need them for […]