Fun Things To Do In Boston This Weekend Or Today

Although Boston is home to destinations seen in other popular urban vacation spots around the United States, the city’s special place in history has packed it with incredible sites that were pivotal during the birth of the nation and the American Revolution. There is also a fine selection of art galleries, aquariums, restaurants and pubs; […]


There’s just something about office supplies that gets my heart fluttering with excitement. It’s not an irrational relationship. There have been some pretty incredible school supplies that have revolutionized the way we learn. Here’s my top fave!   BINDERS Binders have gotten really pricey over the last couple of years. However, I need them for […]

Top Ways to Prevent and Minimize Jetlag

One of the pesky after-affects of travel is the dreaded JETLAG. It’s the feeling that you’ll never sleep past 3am again, that you’ll never adjust to local time, that you’ll ruin all of your vacation plans by being drowsy and feeling lousy. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are very practical and […]

Tips for finding the cheapest flights

TAKE A DETOUR It’s crazy how much money you can save by taking a detour. This isn’t exactly environmentally friendly or my top tip for getting cheaper flights, but if it includes visiting somewhere you would eventually then why not? The downside to this is often you can end up taking a much longer flight […]

Awesome Things to Do in Singapore

Go Green at Garden’s by the Bay Being a city in a garden, Singapore has maintained a balance between nature and its massive modern infrastructures. Just behind the iconic Marina Bay Sands, this project that is worth over $1 billion is an enormous landscaped park, with different outdoor gardens and 2 conservatories. Visiting the outdoor […]