Involve yourself in the world of online chat rooms It is a comfortable online area The idea of making new friends is not so comfortable for all as it may seem. The idea of using a computer to make friends is new for many, this makes it fresh to attempt. What if both ideas could […]

The best series of 2018

This year is leaving us a very interesting crop on Netflix, HBO, etc. Is the best series of 2018 on this list or will there be a surprise in the last weeks of 2018? Our readers love to say that they hate lists of best series, best movies, etc., but in reality we know that […]

6 Non-Latin celebrities who speak Spanish

Actors, singers and athletes have managed to speak the Spanish language with different methods, some learned it at school and others watching the classic Latin telenovelas. See below what celebrities can speak the language of renowned writers like Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. 1. Gwyneth Paltrow The Californian actress speaks Spanish since she was 15, when […]

Top 3 funniest ways to fully enjoy marijuana.

Smoking this marvelous flower has not limits whatsoever for aficionados all around the world. There are actually so many ways of consume it you wouldn’t even imagine. We can only blame It on how creative marijuana consumers get about enjoying their favorite flower. We could spend hours talking about each and every method of consuming […]

Is it the end for Captain America?

As you may have known by now, Chris Evans, has played the iconic Captain America, in the cinematographic universe of MARVEL since it premiered in 2011. He has earned the full approval of the millions of fans of one of the most representative characters in history of the comics. After so many rumors and so […]