Best international T.V. shows

As you may already know, not only the best shows come from the United States. They also come from places like Australia or London and since you may have had your head up your butt up until now, you probably did not notice how awesome some international T.V. shows can actually be and they are probably not even in your language.

But, obviously not all international shows are great. You need to be able to differ the good ones from the bad ones. And here is where my post comes in.

What are some of the best international shows that have ever been around our television sets? Here are some of the ones that I consider to be the best!

Are you into Anime? Obviously Japan has the best shows but this one is the best one yet!

When you think of Japan, you immediately think of weird food, smart people and last but not least: anime! There is so much great Japanese anime that we cannot even begin to choose one but in this case, we are going to choose the best one around.

It is called your lie in April. As usual, it is an anime filled with lots of intensity and love stories so, it will definitely not disappoint its international audience.

Canada is not only known for Degrassi

Other awesome shows have come from this great and nice country and if you were not aware of them, then I do not know what you are doing with your life.

There is a show that came out of Canada and has been around for quite some time and it is called X-company.

Another thing is that this is an era show which makes me like it even more!

A show called Please like me

Could you find a more desperate show around? No, but really! All jokes aside, this show is really awesome and just happens to come from Australia and on top of that, it truly has some serious jokes and some sort of dark humor thrown at you so, you can only imagine how awesome the show actually is!


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