Awesome Alternative Jobs for Teachers to Work At

You’d be surprised at the amazing alternative jobs teachers can get with all those years of experience. I was shocked at the long list of alternative jobs that I was so tempted into leaving my teaching job to try out the alternative jobs. However, I love teaching so much I would never replace my passion for anything else. However, if this isn’t your case then continue to read on because I got the best alternative jobs you could ever dream of.


Training Companies

Training companies which were contracted by corporations can definitely benefit from hiring a trained teacher. The fact that you have the ability to teach others is just what these companies need from you. If you are new at teaching, try learning effective methods when teaching. By learning such methods and gaining a bit of teaching experience, you’ll be ready in no time to work at this alternative job.


Testing Companies

Companies in charge of creating tests depend quite a lot on teachers for question creation. Use your expertise to create tests designed for your grade level of expertise. Most of these companies pay quite handsomely.


Sales Reps

All types of companies can see the benefit in hiring teachers. Your unique skill set includes generating excitement while educating things that are extremely important for a successful sales rep.

I had a friend try this alternative job and she absolutely loved it. She’s now been working in a pharmaceutical agency for 5 years and she says she doesn’t have the need to go back to teaching ever again.

Publishing Companies

If you love to write or edit then this job is perfect for you. Publishing companies will need of your help for such things. Textbook publishing companies search mostly for educators. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try now! Maybe you’ll even love it.



You can start tutoring at the comfort of your own home or by applying at a local or national tutoring company. Tutoring is mostly needed after school hours. Most specialty tutoring companies are in great need of teachers during school days.


Education Program Director

Most zoos, museums, cruise ships, resorts, and historic park programs contain directors who are in charge of organizing programs for school-age children. Lots and lots of creativity is needed in this type of job and the best part about it is that you’ll have so much fun with it.


Virtual/Cyber School Teacher

If you love teaching but aren’t able to teach larger amounts of students then you’ll benefit greatly from this job. Various cyber schools have state charters making them free, public education alternatives for students in that state. Start by doing a search for “online charter school” and learn more about how you can begin this job.


Real Estate Agents

The fact that a lot of teachers are great listeners is a great benefit for helping people who are house hunting. If you enjoy working with people, enjoy the challenge of obtaining the right house and do not then try taking real estate classes. The best part about this job is that you don’t have working hours either! And the payment is quite excellent.


Kids’ Classes

Turn your passions into a small business. Whether its cooking, craft, or photography you can get a lot of benefits from them. Many local parks and recreation organizations are in the constant search for new classes and instructors for summer. You also have the option to create this small business on your own rather than working in organizations or local parks.


Specialized Dyslexia Tutor and/or Advocate

You can create and incredibly huge impact on the lives of students and families by helping them explore the IEP process and advocate for their needs. Being a specialized dyslexia tutor and/or advocate is just what you’re you’ll need. Search online for the Dyslexia Training Institute. This institute offers online certification and training programs. They’ll give you all the tools and knowledge youll need to properly prepare yourself.


Party Planning for Kids (or Adults)

One of the beauties of teaching is the amount of creativity that flows through us. Teachers are perfect for planning and creating the best parties not only for kids but also for adults. Theme parties are one of the highly demanded by kids and adults. However, if there are certain themes that you are interested in, you can offer them to people too rather than doing any kind of theme.



You have no idea how beneficial it is not only for you but also for the family to have a teacher as their nanny. Youll be able to work with children and have slightly flexible working hours as well as a good salary. However, salary and working hours also depend on where you live.



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