Argentinian Foods You Should Try Before You Die


Better known as black pudding to the British and Irish. Morcilla is a blood sausage which means it is made from pig’s blood and ground up pieces of pork or offal mixed in with spices.

Those who can get beyond the idea of eating a sausage of blood sometimes have a problem with the texture because it can be a bit moist. At Siga la Vaca Jorge reminded me that in Colombia it also has rice in it which helps dry it out. He suggested eating it on a piece of bread which does really help the texture issue. (Source:



Also known as heaven, medialunas are one of my favorite foods to eat at Argentina. It’s best enjoyed with a nice warm cup of coffee or with some tea. I’m honestly so glad that medialunas are sold and are quite popular where I live or id go crazy.



Choripan is chorizo on bread with a bit of chimichurri sauce. I love making these every time I go to my boyfriend’s house. The first time I made him choripan he nearly fainted because of how amazing it was.



Fugazetta is fugazza but with stuffed cheese. There’s cheese basically everywhere. Even under the toppings you’ll find plenty of cheese too. I first tried the fugazetta thanks to a friend who brought some home after work. It tasted SO amazing.


Pizza a la Piedra

This pizza is becoming more and more popular. Pizza a la Piedra is a thin crust pizza with a lot of cheese on top of it. I remember when my grandmother used to make this while I stayed at her house during the weekend. It was definitely my fave and I’m so glad I learned how to make this wonderful piece of heaven.



The various ways to enjoy your steak are truly amazing. From breaded and deep fried steak to having toppings such as tomato sauce, cheese and egg, you’ll never get enough of this steak-goodness.


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