AirBnB Do’s and Don’ts You Should Know

Understand how booking works

It’s not confusing, really. There are two different styles of booking. You have Instant Book and Request to Book. Request to book is the only way AirBnB used to operate. You had to send a request to each host individually and sort of ask permission to stay at their place. This is still an option, and it works just as great as the other option, it just takes a little more time. Instant book is exactly what it sounds like. You see all the fees immediately, and you instantly book it, no requesting, no waiting. It’s all there for you!


Prioritize the amenities you desire

We all know there are just some amenities you just can’t live without when traveling. For me, those things change every time I travel. In some places, I just have to have Wi-Fi, some place I just must have a washer and dryer. It all just depends on the trip. But when traveling to different places, you need different things. You can customize your “filters’ for every single trip you take, so prioritize accordingly.


Read the fine print

Some AirBnB hosts have certain rules, some you may not like. Some like you to check out by 10am, and some could care less. But you won’t know until you read. All the information you could possibly need to know is listed on the listing page.


Don’t try to book too far in advance

I’ve said it before, I’m a planner, and I usually try to have travel plans done months in advance. But with AirBnB this isn’t always beneficial. If you have your eye on a property for something such as Mardi Gras or The Super Bowl, but you think you can book more than 6-9 months out, think again. As expected they want to hike the prices for these events, so they can make more, but often times, hosts haven’t updated their calendars this far out. I would recommend booking no more than 6 months out with each AirBnB host.

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