6 Non-Latin celebrities who speak Spanish

Actors, singers and athletes have managed to speak the Spanish language with different methods, some learned it at school and others watching the classic Latin telenovelas.

See below what celebrities can speak the language of renowned writers like Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

The Californian actress speaks Spanish since she was 15, when she was an exchange student in Spain, although she learned the basics at her school in New York.

“I lived there for almost two months and I had to learn very fast because my family could not speak a word in English,” he told Univision’s program in 2013.

She also confessed that his children also speak it.

2. Ben Affleck

The actor learned the language when he worked in Mexico at age 13.

During almost a year of recording, Affleck achieved a broad command of the language that he often boasts in interviews with Hispanic media.

3. Madonna

“The Queen of Pop” does not speak excellent Spanish, but has tried with some success. In 2003 he recorded a promotional of the MTV Latin America completely in Spanish, as well as the themes you see and what feels the woman.

4. Kobe Bryant

The retired basketball player confessed that he learned Spanish watching soap operas such as La Madrastra and the program Sábado Gigante with his wife Vanessa, who although originally from Huntington Beach, California, has Mexican ancestry.

5. Tom Hiddleston

The British actor has granted interviews to media with a medium command of the Spanish language.

In 2017 he visited Jimmy Kimmel’s show and in addition to proving that he speaks Spanish well, he tried to sing the song Cielito Lindo, a Mexican classic.

Tom also speaks Greek, French and Italian.

6. Freddie Highmore

The British actor who achieved worldwide fame for being the children’s star of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory speaks Spanish, French and Arabic since he studied Philology at the University of Cambridge.

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