3 of the most famous Bollywood stars

I just happen to love everything related to the Bollywood world. I mean how can you not love it? There is so much glitz and glam involved in it, it is crazy! Not to mention the dancing that I consider to be some of the best dancing moves in the world but also, the singing voices that are used in these movies are just beautiful.

So basically, there is nothing bad you can say about the Bollywood scene. But in this post, I will not focus on how awesome these Bollywood movies are or in about how awesome The Kapil Sharma Show watch online is but rather, on which actors have been the best of all times in making these awesome Bollywood movies so, here you go!

How can we even begin this list without mentioning Shah Rukh Khan?

This guy has been around for as long as Bollywood has existed and believe me when I say this, Bollywood has been around for a while.

This is one of those actors that just get hotter and better with the passing years and honestly, at least according to my opinion, he is one of the best actors that have come from the Bollywood scene.

And of top of being super famous, his talent seems to never get old with each Bollywood movie he makes.

The next Bollywood actor in line is Akshay Kumar

This guy is another super famous Bollywood actor and he also happens to be old school as well. I don’t consider him to be AS famous as the actor I previously mentioned but his talent has definitely made him widely known.

Aishwarya Rai

How could I leave one of the most famous and beautiful Bollywood actress out of this list? Impossible! Seems like any Bollywood movie she is in is just a complete hit! And its audiences are not mad about this the least single bit as they keep coming back for more every time she makes a new Bollywood movie!

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