2 worst cartoon shows of all times!

In life, there is good a bad in everything. There is good people, and there is bad people. There are good cars and there are bad cars. Now, the same thing applies to cartoons. Some have been great hits among audiences and others, have been a big flop that audiences hope never come back!

So, in this post, I want to mention which are those cartoons shows that should be buried and forgotten as they were just a T.V. burden for audiences.

Remember, these are the worst cartoons according to ME, so, opinions may differ from person to person. Just saying!

The Ren and Stimpy show

This was obviously a cartoon that was more on the adult side of things but, was it really funny to adults as well? I found this cartoon to be sort of gloomy and not funny at all? And I had the same opinion as a kid and nothing has changed as an adult.

Apparently some people liked it as the show actually lasted longer than it should have!

You cannot even say that this show has crude humor as there is no humor at all to this show. At least nothing that happens in that cartoon makes ME laugh.

Dora the explorer

If you want to watch a show that will surely get on your nerves, then you need to watch this show. How annoying is it that the show’s lead character will ask questions for many times when the answers to these questions are obvious?

I mean ok, lots of jokes have derived from this show but I actually happen to think that these jokes came to be for all the wrong reasons.

This show will definitely get on your nerves if you hate getting asked the same thing more than once. I mean I get it, children take longer to process things and answer questions that they are asked but, come on! Give me a break!

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