11 Unusual Religions You Didn’t Know Existed


You probably heard of commonly practiced religions, but did you ever think there’d be unusual religions? Probably not.

There’re over 7 billion people and more than 4 thousand religions in the world. With such a large amount of people you would think no one would practice these so called “unusual” religions. However, you’re quite wrong. Large sums of people are practicing religions you didn’t know they existed.

Let’s start with the list, shall we?


1) Scientology

You probably heard of this religion thanks to celebrities such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Isaac Hayes. They made it very public on how devoted they were to scientology. Scientology was created by an American science fiction author L Ron Hubbard in 1954. Scientology explains to people how they are immortal and how they’ve forgotten their true nature.

This religion has garnered some controversy as it is believed to brainwash, psychologically abuse, and aggressively harass people.


2) The prince Phillip movement

This cargo cult was created by the Yaohnanen tribe somewhere around 1950. They believed Prince Phillip is a divine person who travelled far away to marry a powerful woman and would someday return.

Now that is definitely a fairytale I would only find in a kids book. However, this fairytale was destroyed. Prince Phillip visited Vanuatu (Yaohnanen tribe’s home) to clarify the truth in 1974.


3) The church of the flying spaghetti monster

After spending so many hours laughing I could not believe what I was reading. This so called “religion” believes that everything was created thanks to a giant flying spaghetti monster. It was created back in 2005 by physics graduate Bobby Henderson.

In this religion there are absolutely no dogmas, meaning that there are no regulations, prayers, or rituals.


4) Cheondoism

It’s a Korean religious movement that believes that there’s a god in each of us. It also believes that we want earth to turn into paradise.

This movement came from Korean shamanism and Korean Buddhism. This religion also incorporates some elements from Christianity. This religious movement is practiced mostly in North Korea.


5) Creativity movement

This atheistic movement is a whites-only religion. This movement was created by Ben Klassen in 1973.

After Ben Klassen’s death the movement nearly died. However, the movement revived back in 2003 by Matthew F. Hale. Even though the movement was revived, it didn’t last long because Matthew Hale was thrown into jail.


6) Universe people

This religion actually believes that aliens exist. They also believe that certain people like Benda can contact the aliens telepathically. They also believe these aliens will one day transport their followers to another dimension.

This movement involves elements from Christianity, Ufology and conspiracy theories.


7) The church of subgenius

This religion was created by J. R. “Bob” Dobbs. The church of subgenius is a mock religion, meaning a religion that makes fun of other religions. This religion is known for promoting slack.

The administrator of church has been telling their followers how the world will be destroyed by an alien army. That said, once people noticed how nothing happened, they threw tar and feathers at him.


8) The church of euthanasia

This political organization was created by Chris Korda. The purpose of this movement is to restore the balance between humans and the remaining species.

While researching furthermore about this movement I bumped into shocking information. This movement tells its followers how they shouldn’t procreate, instead they should practice sodomy. Also, this movement is pro-suicide, abortion and cannibalism (consumption is only towards dead people).


9) Eckankar

This religion was created in 1965 by John Paul Twitchell. This religion believes in only one god, called Eck.

Eckankar believes that your soul is reincarnated many times until it reaches spiritual freedom. However, it believes that spiritual growth is only achieved via meditation. That said, once spiritual growth is successful you’re rejoined with Eck.


10) Unification church

This church was created in South Korea in 1954 by Sun Myung Moon. The objective of this movement is to create “true families”. That said, the unification church believes that by creating mass weddings a sinless family where true love exist will arise.


11) Falun Gong

It’s a Chinese movement founded in 1992 by Li Hongzhi. It mixes elements from Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism with traditional Chinese folklore.

Its practitioners are involved in special exercises to awaken their spiritual energy. These exercises also diminish any physical and spiritual ailment.

When this movement was created the Chinese government viewed it as a threat.

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